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Asset Integrity management & Lifetime extension of ageing equipments

Reducing CAPEX and OPEX by an appropriate way to manage the integrity of your assets

Detailed description:

ow to operate and maintain assets for ensuring performance, maximizing value, profitability and returns and reducing investments, while safeguarding personnel and environment, and meeting national or international regulations


3rd December 2020, Thursday


4:30 pm (GMT+8)



Pedagogical Means:

Teaching method alternating theory and practice through case studies or works directed.

Who should attend:

Technicians in the methods, control, quality and manufacturing departments, but also all those (project managers, sales engineers, buyers and who want to know about cleaning and cleanliness of parts.

Topics covered during the presentation:

Features presented from case studies:


  • New context / New challenges
  • Cetim vision/actions on AIM & MRO

AIM in practice

  • AIM methodology: how to organize at company level
  • How to overcome technical problems on ageing equipments

Focus on 

  • Available and required technical expertises
  • NDT technologies
  • Simulation for Residual lifespan estimation
  • Testing
  • Monitoring & Predictive maintenance
  •  Failure analysis
  • Q&A


The webinar will be presented by various representatives of Cetim BU working together in order to offer a global answer to company’s needs. This presentation is supported by Mr. Cyril TRUNET.


Missions • Assist companies in their development and transformation
• Support them for better efficiency (organization, safety and environmental issues, tools and methods, …)
• Introduce sustainable considerations into their strategy and daily activities
• Improve practices and modify company management system
• Propose new business models (i.e. product/service system)
• Build and manage multidisciplinary and competitive team to meet customers’ needs

Areas of Expertises

Technical expertise

  • Operational excellence / Robotics
  • Maintenance and Asset Integrity Management (AIM)
  • Safety, Reliability and availability of products and processes
  • Product development (innovation, eco-design, …)
  • HSE & regulation and standards compliance

Commercial and marketing expertise

  • Market and competitive intelligence
  • Prospecting activities on various markets
  • Sales team management
  • Commercial offers, quotations, negotiation

Addressed Markets: Automotive, Aeronautic, Defence, Building construction, Oil & Gas, Energy, medical, luxury, mechanical industries

Recent Projects

Maintenance / AIM

  • OCP: Implementation of AIMS + Training of maintenance supervisors

Product development/Innovation

  • SAFRAN : Eco-design of new seats for aircraft economic class
  • RB3D : Eco-design and design-to-cost project on exoskeleton


  • RENAULT : Training on Risk Assessment
  • PSA: Training on Safety requirements for handling equipment
  • MICHELIN: Expertise day for integration of safety requirements of machinery directive
  • Member of standardisation committees (UNM45, ISO TC199, NFPA)


  • AIR FRANCE: Definition of environmental requirements in purchasing specifications
  • NEXTER: Recyclability of military vehicles
  • Member of standardisation committees (UNM01, CEN TC406, JTC10)
  • Involvement in various European H2020 projects (REMAKE, MEMAN)


Master degree in mechanical engineering – National engineering school in Saint-Étienne (ENISE) – 1995

Master Research in Thermics and Energy – « Ecole Centrale de Lyon » engineering school (ECL) – 1995


Course Name

Asset Integrity management & Lifetime extension of ageing equipments

Course Date:

3rd December 2020, Thursday


4:30 pm (GMT+8)


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