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Steel materials – The fundamentals

Steel, has been the most preeminent of all materials since it can provide wide range of properties that can meet ever changing requirements. This training provides both fundamental and technical information related to steels, including steelmaking, microstructure and phase transformation, their properties and applications.


Upon completion of the training, the attendants will be able to carry out the following:

  • Understand the interest of using steels and the related treatments.
  • Identify and decode the standardised designation.
  • Identify the main types of treatments and their characteristics.
  • Acquire basic knowledge to access more thorough or more specialised training courses.


15th March 2023


09:00 – 17:00 (GMT+8) Singapore


No specific knowledge is required


Teaching method alternating theory and practice.

Who Should Attend

The training is designed for various disciplines that includes Engineers, Consultants, Inspectors, Safety, Maintenance, Process and Operators.

Course Outline: ​

  • Reception
    • Presentation, general organisation, introduction round
  • Manufacturing and implementation of steels manufacturing:
    • Rolling,
    • Cutting,
    • Drawing,
    • Casting, forging,
    • Machining,
    • Additive manufacturing
  • Properties of steels
    • Mechanical strength,
    • Fatigue resistance,
    • Impact strength
  • Standardised designation of steels (decoding the standards)
  • The different families of steel
    • Structural steels,
    • Stainless steels,
    • Tool steels
  • Treatment of steels
    • Heat treatments
    • Surface treatments
  • Questions / answers.


This course will be conducted by Mr. Robert SHANDRO, Technical Expert in the field, involved in ISO Standards, consulting missions and technical assistance.


Principal Consultant with CETIM - MATCOR in the field of mechanical, power transmissions and materials engineering. A Specialist in failure investigation, forensic engineering and condition assessment with more than 30 years of consulting experience in Energy, Aerospace, Transportation, Shipbuilding and Public Works. Involved in close to 2,500 failure analysis and consulting services for litigation. Member of French delegation for ISO TC60 (Technical Committee), Expert in load capacity calculation of gears, terminologies, notation, strength and quality of materials for gears.
This course will be conducted by Robert SHANDRO.

Areas of Expertise

  • Failure analysis of a wide range of mechanical equipment/components and structural facilities
  • Design, verification and failure analysis on mechanical power transmission components
  • Condition and remnant life assessment of mechanical power transmission components
  • Expert witness for litigation and insurance claims
  • Expert consultant and technical support on patent litigations
  • Standardization works (ISO TC60)



  • 5 years as Design Engineer (electric motors and generators)
  • 12 years as Technical Advisor (Judicial Expertise)
  • 13 years as Project Manager at CETIM
  • From year 2019 – Principal Consultant at MATCOR


  • Master of Engineering (MEng) UPT 1986
  • Master in Materials Science (MSc) ISMCM 1992