Classroom Training

Gears Failures and Tribology of Gears

Understand gear failures and tribology of gears to avoid disruptions to operations. Implement appropriate corrective actions using a structured failure analysis approach.


Upon completion of the training, the attendants will be able to carry out the following:

  • Understand the tribological aspects of in-service gear drives
  • Explain the mechanisms of damage and identify the causes of the failures
  • Propose appropriate corrective actions
  • To exchange with experts in the field


13th & 14th July 2021 (Tuesday to Wednesday)


09:00–17:00 (GMT+8)


To have notions of metallurgy, mechanics and kinematics of the gears.


Teaching method alternating theory and practice through case studies or works directed.

Course outline:

Gear drives –Overview:

  • Type of gear transmissions
  • Kinematic meshingo
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Materials and heat treatments

Tribology for gear applications:

  • Basic notions of tribology
  • Lubrication and lubricants
  • Operation of parallel axes gears
  • Tribology of gearmesh
  • Lubrication for gear transmissions

Main failures of gears in service:

  • Phenomena affecting the surface of the teeth
  • Aspects of the teeth due to permanent deformations
  • Aspects of the teeth after fracture
  • Case studies

Calculation of cylindrical teeth (information)

Monitoring of gears

  • Overview of the test methods and means
  • Monitoring of in-service reducers and gear assemblies
  • Monitoring of gear assemblies: lubricant analysis

Training Evaluation

  • Review daily assessment (oral)
  • Final assessment questionnaire

Who should attend?

Engineers, technicians and more generally anyone facing damage problems in gearboxes and gear sets.

About the Trainer

Robert Shandro


Mechanical Engineer - Materials & Construction. Specialized in mechanical power transmission components. A Specialist in Failure Analysis, Consulting and Technical Assistance in industries including Aerospace, Energy, Transportation, Shipbuilding and Public Works. Member of French delegation for ISO TC60 (Technical Committee) "Gears". An expert in capacity calculation of gears, terminologies, notation, strength and quality of materials for gears.

Areas of Expertises

  • Global assessment on fixed and turning parts of mechanical systems
  • Failure analysis on power transmission components
  • Expert witness for litigation and insurance claims
  • Design and dimensioning assistance
  • Training on failure analysis
  • Standardization works.

Recent Projects

  • CGG : From failure analysis to power transmission design (gearboxes of a scientific research vessel)
  • SAFRAN : Global assessment on AGB (Accessory Gear-Box), TGB (Transfer Gear-Box)and RDS (Radial Shaft)
  • EDF-EN : Failure analysis on blade bearings and gearbox of wind turbine
  • NEXTER: Power transmission failure analysis and tests of an armoured vehicle
  • DEGREMONT: Assessment and rehabilitation of a pumping station



  • 5 years as Design Engineer (electric motors and generators)
  • 12 years as Technical Advisor (Judicial Expertise)
  • 13 years as Project Manager at CETIM
  • From year 2019-Principal Consultant at MATCOR


Engineer-Mechanics of Structures (UPT 1986)
Engineer-Materials (ISMCM 1992)