Optimisation by multiphysics simulation

Sercel optimises its products thanks to multiphysics simulation.

The French firm decided to contact Cetim for its simulation expertise in order to reduce the transmission bandwidth of the future version of its pulsed compressed air sources.

As a specialist in pulsed compressed air sources used to map seabeds, Sercel has been developing a model aiming to limit high-frequency transmissions and ultimately reduce acoustic pollution for many years. As part of its research, and in order to improve its understanding of the behaviour of these systems, Sercel opted for multiphysics simulation with Cetim.

Cetim supported Sercel with the key stages of source modelling, comparing calculated results with test data, followed by a study of simulated behaviour in order to identify potential improvements. And above all, according to Julien Large, Sercel R&D manager for marine sources, “initial prototypes were used to validate the digital models and achieve unrivalled performance levels“.

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