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Detailed description:

The RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) is a process that assesses the industrial risk that can compromise the equipment in an industrial plant.

Its main purpose is to obtain a proper Inspection Plan using data such as dates, NDT techniques and locations (when, how and where to inspect) in order to minimise the risk.

Antea RBI

Antea RBI is a Windows-based application for a qualitative, semi quantitative and quantitative RBI analysis, based on various international standards as well as customized methodologies. It is the only API 581 certified RBI asset integrity platform endorsed by Bureau Veritas, SGS, TUV and Apave.


  • Thickness preparing module
  • Integrated inspection consultation
  • Inspection deadlines and reports management

Why Antea RBI?

  • Fast data loading activity
  • Customization of RBI methodology
  • Automatic and multiple calculation of probability and consequence factors
  • All data available at once (technical data, inspections, attachments, scheduler)
  • Creation of Corrosion Loops and notes in P&IDs and PFDs
  • Calculation of the inventory mass based on inventory groups
  • Creation of an integrated inspection plan optimizing RBI, mandatory and internal plans
  • Possibility to add any other calculation modules, both qualitative and quantitative

Application Process

Type of Approach

  • Choose a type of approach to follow and apply the relevant reference standards.
  • Antea RBI can also be based on a company’s internal regulations at 2 different levels: qualitative methodology and additional modules for damage mechanisms.

Antea Inspection Manager

The results from the Antea RBI are totally integrated with the Antea Inspection Manager application. The same interface present information concerning:

  • Details of the damage mechanisms involved
  • Inspection sheet and recommended inspection techniques
  • Equipment 3D location
  • Inspection history
  • Datasheet
  • Activity plan
  • Document management

Database and Corrosion Loops

Antea stores all the technical and inspection data. The stored items are divided in Corrosion Loops (circuits) that are represented in the P&IDs. The Corrosion Loops and created according to condition, fluid, material and damage mechanism.

Risk Projection

  • Interactive RBI matrixes; the most critical items can be immediately identified and directly accessed in the database.
  • Compare the RBI matrixes with all the items’ risk levels in the future prevision (with or without inspection).

Data Analysis

  • Antea RBI provides an immediate support when checking the data required for the calculation. All the data are divided in different sheets depending on the typology.
  • The data can be manually inserted or directly imported from Excel files.

Inspection Plan

  • Antea RBI supports the user to create a proper inspection plan by selecting between 2 options:
  • Frequency based method: the inspection frequency is assigned to an item based on its position on the risk matrix, and the date is calculated from the last inspection. It is also possible to assign a list of activities.
  • Data based method: in accordance to API 581 standards, the software evaluates the future risk and provides an inspection plan if requested.

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