Pioneering Sustainability: Circular Economy in Mechanical Engineering

At Cetim-Matcor, we recognize the crucial role of the mechanical engineering industry in driving the energy transition. By viewing environmental and social challenges as opportunities for innovation, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions, designing for sustainability, and evolving business models for a competitive edge. Utilizing professional insights, we develop Life Cycle Analysis tools and databases to evaluate the carbon footprint and identify optimization opportunities at every stage, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Our strategic investment program, CEDRE (Circularity of the Economy, Decarbonization, Resilience), is at the heart of this transformation. Our decarbonization efforts strengthen company operations by enhancing resilience through resource optimization technologies (energy, raw materials, water), promoting efficiency, and embracing circularity.

We stay ahead of future demands by aligning with evolving standards and expectations across regulatory, contractual, economic, and societal outlook. Our team of experts specializes in the circular economy, providing technical support on standardization and exploring pathways for sustainable growth.

Discover how Cetim-Matcor is pioneering the integration of circular economy principles to propel sustainability in mechanical engineering.

Join us on this transformative journey toward a sustainable future. Learn more about our unwavering commitment to environmental innovation and resilience.


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    – The Role of Mechanical Engineering in the Global Circular Economy
    – Using LCA as a pocket tool to explore environmental footprint
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