Renault Self-Accreditation (RSA) extended for Cetim Grand Est

Its’ official! Renault extends its Self-Accreditation for Cetim Grand-Est. This accreditation rewards the know-how Cetim has developed in the automotive field over the last decade, and increases its visibility among suppliers of the sector in France and abroad.

Renault Self-Accreditation – Approval by car manufacturers

The Renault self-accreditation (RSA) recognises Cetim Grand Est’s ability to verify that parts manufactured by Renault and PSA suppliers (a large number of testing methods being common to both manufacturers) comply with the specifications issued by the manufacturer.

These tests consist in verifying the durability of components subjected to various and varied stresses (chemicals, physical-chemical constraints, mechanical strength, climatic conditions, solar radiation, etc.).

A greatly appreciated recognition of Cetim’s know-how in the #automotive industry, to be found on our web page dedicated to this sector and in our exclusive White Paper « looking ahead : key automotive trends for 2035 »