Efficient and validated costing software for manufactured parts

Detailed description:


  • Achieve the right cost estimation on new product development
  • Obtain relevant metrics on major costs drivers at any level
  • Evaluate the costs of alternative design and work processes
  • Reduce the time to generate cost estimation
  • Optimize the cost of higher volume production and procurement
  • Create a stronger cost management culture
  • Reduce the overall product production and acquisition costs

Benefits for suppliers: efficiency, proficiency and growth

  • Master the market margins: avoids taking deficit markets
  • Benefit from many cutting conditions and technological data
  • Master the costing data: resist to the pressure on costs and prices
  • Master the costing data: increase the quality of generates quotes
  • Be more reactive: save time in estimating quotes and generate quotations
  • Get experimented costing experts: secure the growing competence
  • Capitalization of costing know-how: reduce the effort of preparation work

Benefits for buyer: master the costing data

  • Benefit from many cutting conditions and technological data
  • Standard plant available: get a fast estimate of production
  • Master the costing data: improve the financial design of new products
  • Master the costing data: enable the co-engineering design, production and sourcing
  • Be more reactive: improve the purchaser and supplier relations and data flux
  • Capitalization of costing know-how: better knowledge of your suppliers
  • Capitalization of costing know-how: secure your acquisition plans


Tooling process identification

  • Automatic import of CAD files
  • Automatic creation of the nomenclature of complex part
  • Extraction turned shape, based on a final turned-milled piece

Cost Analysis

  • Automatically generate the first cost assessment
  • Identify the main costs, the most expensive items
  • Work on the process and parameters to mitigate constraints

Parts & Assembly

  • Work on complex parts, assemblies and processes: forming, welding, milling, …
  • Identify each tooling processes
  • Optimize the production costs as function of the part


Input data:

  • 3D CAD file or blue print import
  • Gross milling profile: internal and external
  • Material definition and quantity specification
  • Automatic recognition of the milling processes


  • Proposal for an operating machining process
  • Cost and time estimate of the proposed process

Use modifications:

  • Manual modification of the process, additional users’ data


Cetim is the only software editor with full laboratory testing facilities. Leverage from the experience of a world leader in assembly technology:

  • SAVE TIME: More reactive to secure more business. Generate 80% of your quotes in 1/10 of time
  • SIMULATE: test different technical alternatives for production. Generate profits in every contract
  • TRUST: control the cost of components and parts before subcontractor responses. Generate trust with your supply-chain
  • STRUCTURED: rational approach in costing and pricing by creating costing and pricing models
  • COST SAVING: secure and strengthen costing process. Generate 90% of your quotes within 5% of their actual costs of preparation
  • COOPERATE: capitalize on knowledge, methods and historical figures

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