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Optimize & Verify Screwed Connections

To design your bolted assemblies with controlled tightening according to the standards:
Design software for screwed connections according to codes VDI2230 and FDE 25030

Detailed description:

A complete software allowing, among other things, to calculate:
  • the flexibility (or stiffness) of the assembly
  • dynamic constraints in threading
  • the minimum tightening preload to ensure non-detachment
  • elongation of the fastening after tightening (loosening)
  • pressure stress in the various joint flanges (matting)
  • the tightening method (torque, angle, tension)
User friendly software with:
  • many input assistants
  • various normative and evolving databases (materials, screws)
  • a conflict resolution assistant between the various data entered
  • an integrated theoretical manual and external references
  • 2D and 3D visualization of the assembly
  • calculation notes and GUY in English or French


July 7, 2022


3:00 to 4:30 pm (GMT +8)

Topics covered during the presentation:

Optimization process of a bolted assembly on a concrete case:

  • Definition of the geometry of the assembly and the screws used
  • Entry of mechanical stress
  • Analysis of results and optimization
  • Questions answers session


Elric LEROY and Zouhair CHAIB


Course Name

Optimize & Verify Screwed Connections

Course Date:

July 7, 2022


3:00 to 4:30 pm (GMT +8)


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