Condition & Life Assessment

We possess comprehensive knowledge of the micro and macro-aspects of the reliability issues in equipment such as cranes, boilers, high-pressure vessels, piping and turbines to provide reliable and effective condition and life assessment services.

Condition assessment refers to the engineering evaluation of equipment, plants and facilities to determine their existing condition and the implications on their fitness for continued service.

In life assessment, the estimated remaining life of the equipment, plants and facilities is evaluated.

Many equipment and plants are operated with no certainty of its existing condition and the possibility of a sudden failure. A plant may have been operating for a few short years but are at the verge of failure due to inherent defects or operation beyond design conditions. A plant or equipment may also have been operating for many years beyond its expected design life but still have many years of service life.

A condition and life assessment study would provide the following benefits:

  • Assess fitness-for-service condition
  • Extend the service life beyond the design life
  • Improve efficiency through monitoring and identifying areas for repair or upgrading
  • Ensure reliability and safety in plant operations
  • Optimize plant availability through targeted inspections and reduced downtime
  • Provides basis for life management of plants

A typical scope includes:

  • Collation and review of background information such as operating life and conditions
  • Study of damage or failure mechanism which may affect the life of the plant
  • Prescription of targeted inspection and testing plans for the plant
  • Obtain accurate data from the prescribed inspection and testing
  • Evaluation of inspection data and review of background information
  • Provision of technical report on fitness for service and remaining life of the plant with comprehensive documentation and recommendations

Matcor has been the preferred service provider to many name-plate companies in condition and assessment cases.

Our expert have deep understanding of mechanical engineering, materials, corrosion, damage mechanisms and operation processes. We are thus able to assess the condition of plant and equipment accurately and reliably and provide solutions that are effective and practical for continued service.