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Key Concepts of a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) program

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Detailed description:

In this webinar, you will learn from our RBI expert sharing:

  • Why choose RBI over other approaches?
  • Which RBI methodology is most appropriate for your plant?
  • How should plant owners start to develop and implement the RBI programs to their assets?
  • What is the essential consideration when selecting the right RBI tool for the RBI program?

Also, in partnership with Antea, the software expert will share:

  • The strong points and advantages of using RBI software
  • Using the plant RBI data to read and study useful RBI results


19th January 2022


3:00 to 4:00 pm (GMT +8)

Topics covered during the presentation:

Features presented from case studies:

  • Simple milled part
  • Complex milled part
  • Turned part treated from a 2D plan
  • Turned and milled part processed from a CAD file
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Origin and reliability of the results obtained
  • Management of a TechniQuote implementation project
  • Justification of the investment – ROI
  • Questions answers  

The Speakers

Goh Zhu Di Judy

Consultant, Cetim-Matcor Singapore
Having graduated in Material Science and Engineering, she has been an engineer and a consultant for 10 years within Matcor.
She has performed numerous cases in the failure analysis and forensic investigation for system and component failures for various industries.
She is one of the leads to perform the remnant life assessment and risk-based inspection assessment for pressure vessels and piping for service life extension purpose.

Areas of Expertise

  • Failure Analysis
  • Remnant Life Assessment
  • Fitness for Service Assessment
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Assessment
  • API Inspection

Alberto Duque

South East Asia Area Manager, Antea
Antea's South East Asia Area Manager: Alberto Duque, is a Mechanical Engineer with 6 years of experience in Asset Integrity Management Solutions. His exposure to Antea’s software starts since 2015 by presenting the solution to the USA market in Houston, Texas for the implementation of digital twins in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry.
Alberto has international experience working from different countries such as USA, Colombia, Bolivia, Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia and other where he has been involved in projects to generate data managed by Antea including Laser Scanning, 3D Modeling, Asset registry, Technical Documents management, NDT, CAD, and Risk Based Inspection.
He has promoted Antea products in several regions including North, South America and South East Asia. He is a certified in API 580 – Risk Based Inspection and his experience with technical data management helps him recognize the importance of having an organized data repository and good quality data for the completion of a successful RBI project and an AIMS program in general. He is enthusiastic in sharing solutions that can optimize processes, leadership, efficient communication and safety, qualities he has found through Antea’s solutions.


Course Name

Key Concepts of a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) program

Course Date:

19th January 2022


3:00 to 4:00 pm (GMT +8)


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