Materials & Corrosion Assessment

Materials are inevitably subject to degradation and corrosion over the course of service, some mildly and some severely. Material selection is a main consideration in the design phase. The running condition and remaining life of a plant or equipment is in turn dependent on the actual service conditions during operation.

Materials and corrosion assessments involve the study and evaluation of the materials used in the design and their existing or potential condition under the operating conditions of its service life.

Assessment of the suitability and condition of a plant or equipment is not just based on collecting measurement data but understanding its implications in relation to the type of material used and the service condition.

Proper materials and corrosion assessment would help to determine the following:

  • The suitability and existing fitness of the material for the service
  • Changes in the service condition that may affect the fitness of the material
  • Effectiveness of the existing protection measures
  • Improvement in service life through modification or remedial measures

A typical scope includes:

  • Collation and review of background information
  • Material selection study relative to design and operating conditions
  • Measurements and obtaining existing data of actual material condition
  • Laboratory analysis of samples if available
  • Further study and measurement of service environment where necessary
  • Overall evaluation and study of collated findings and data
  • Provision of technical report on material condition and fitness for service with comprehensive documentation and recommendations.

We are one of the few companies in the region with in-depth expertise in the various disciplines of engineering and materials and corrosion. Our consultants have more than three decades of materials and corrosion consultancy individually. This coupled with our wide experience in failure analysis and condition assessment cases enables us to provide targeted and reliable services that are practical and effective for our clients.

We possess extensive knowledge and experience in the field of materials and corrosion. Our technical specialists excel in carrying out corrosion assessment in accordance with relevant standards and clients’ specifications in an efficient manner. The assessment typically involves a review of design documentation and corrosion data, on-site condition assessment and projection of remaining life of the assessed components.