Matcor is the first private company investing in the Stormbee drone with Faro 3D Laser Scanner in Singapore. With the state of the art technology, Matcor is able to provide on-site 3D laser scanning services for both aerial and terrestrial. As an expert in forensic engineering investigations, we have already adopted the technology for incident sites, enabling reconstruction and accurately document the evidence.

Applications to the services is wide, whether the object of interest is tall, large or inaccessible, Stormbee is the best solution for resolving such challenges. The point clouds from both can be combined into one single point cloud ensuring inspection and measurement of object of interest from all directions. No more blind spots, flexible to convert and adapt to many software for final reports and significant cost savings can be achieved.

The scope of application is extensive and not limited to the following:

  • Incident reconstructions and capturing site evidence
  • Infrastructure inspection of roads, bridges, railways, waterways, power lines, antennas
  • Forestry applications
  • Precision agriculture
  • Process plant installations
  • Linear and Volume measurements
  • Site survey, Building information modelling, facade measurements
  • Alignment checking
  • Many more you could think of…

The fast and accurate services reduce man-hours resources on site, reduced shut-down periods, equipment down time, eliminate human errors whilst ensuring accuracies with significant time and cost savings.

FARO Laser Scanner

Faro Laser Scanner is the world’s most popular terrestrial laser scanner with ultra-high accuracy and ingress protection. It has one of the most forward-thinking laser scanners with several added value features:

  • Accuracy
  • Temperature
  • On-site Compensation
  • IP Rating – Class 54
  • HDR Photo Overlay

The advanced features enable scanning in rough environment, accurate and quality date with the on-site compensation feature.


The Stormbee is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a FARO Focus laser scanner attached to it to conduct aerial laser scanning. The point clouds obtained from the aerial laser scanning can be used to construct a CAD model for a wide range of applications which includes mapping, reconstruction, surveys, urban planning, etc. The aerial laser scanning, coupled with the ground laser scanning, will provide a wide coverage of the object of focus to cater to the objectives and needs of the laser scanning at a shorter amount time, reducing shut down periods and equipment down time for our client.

R&D Options:

Matcor is open to discuss any proposals or additional applications for R&D Projects with the Faro Scanner and Stormbee drone.