Power Transmission

Full range of services under Power Transmission:

  • Failure Analysis and Expertise
  • Consulting and design support
  • Computation and simulation
  • Selection of gears material and treatment

Failure Analysis and Expertise:
Analysing failures is a critical process in determining the physical root causes of problems. The process is complex, draws upon many different technical disciplines, and uses a variety of observation, inspection, and laboratory techniques.

Consulting and design support:
Consulting and design support are at the heart of our expertise. Based on the experience gained and great applicative research projects conducted, our consultants work to bring new solutions for companies dealing with power transmissions.

Computation and simulation:
Presently, by using an appropriate simulation method which integrates powerful and extensive software solutions (such as KissSys …), it is possible to confirm the causes of the failure by combining the global approach and the detailed analysis of components in order to get a further understanding of operating conditions.

Detailed modeling is realized on gears, bearings, shafts, connections considering:

  • Macro and micro geometries
  • Standardized computations (ISO, AGMA …)
  • Contact pressure and its distribution
  • Lubricant film thickness calculations

Official seller for KISSsoft in Asia:

KISSsoft is a software for calculating and optimizing mechanical components: gear wheels and gears, but also shafts, bearings, connecting elements, springs as well as chains and belts.

An agreement was signed in June between the Singaporean CETIM’s subsidiary and KISSsoft AG, the world’s leading provider of transmission system simulation software. This partnership allows both to penetrate a growing area in terms of R&D with a reputable software and to strengthen MATCOR’s expertise in transmission systems.

Selection of gears materials and treatments

Your Expectations

  • Get an expert support when choosing a gear wheel material and heat treatment within the frame of a technical specification.
  • Make the right sufficient choice to guarantee your customer’s satisfaction.

Our Solutions
Our experts will:

  • evaluate the loading capacity of the mechanism
  • assess the depth of maximal shear stress
  • help you to select the material (steel, plastic…) and heat treatment (carburization…)

Your Benefits
With a practical and technological experience, our multi-disciplinary team on materials and gears offer you the best solution to optimise your requirement.