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Cathodic Protection Simulation Software

The most powerful cathodic protection software with hybrid system for verification and design

Detailed description:

Simulation of Cathodic Protection:

  • For new and existing installations
  • Optimal positioning of the anodes on the structure
  • Validation of the protection of the structure at all points
  • Detailed computation with complex geometry and polarization
  • Suitable for all environments and complex conditions such as immersed structures, submerged and buried installations

A Great Help in the Decision Making Process:

  • Reduction of the costs of the protection system
  • Forecast maintenance costs
  • Life of the installed protection


March 29, 2022


3:00 to 4:30 pm (GMT +8)

Topics covered during the presentation:

  • Verification of cathodic protection of equipment against corrosion
  • Presentation of the main functionalities based on case studies:
    • Modelling of a cathodic protection system and positioning of the anodes.
    • Assessment of the distribution of the electric field of cathodic protection
    • Analysis of polarization systems with complex geometry and with specific conditions
    • Estimated protection costs for different solutions


Aishwarya and Guimin SHI


Course Name

Procor – Cathodic Protection Simulation Software

Course Date:

March 29, 2022


3:00 to 4:30 pm (GMT +8)


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