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Validate the design of a piping line, considering flexibility and seismic analysis with ROHR2

The leading Software for Pipe Stress Analysis, a standard tool for pipe static and structural framework analysis.

Detailed description:

ROHR2 is a modelling and analysis software for complex piping installation structures in accordance with standards such as ASME, BS, EN, CODETI and RCCM. It is an interactive pipe stress analysis software which leads to significant reduction in study time and cost.

ROHR2 constantly undergoes periodic updates for functional improvements and international standards and codes. It offers a complete solution for:

  • Static and dynamic analysis (flexibility and earthquake / seismic calculation)
  • Supporting all international codes and standards
  • Interfacing with the main CAD and CAE systems

It is validated by all the “principals” of the industries in Petrochemical, Energy, Offshore, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment and Utilities. As a reliable and proven software used in many engineering design offices, it is one of the most used flexibility calculation software in the world.


16th February 2021


3:00 pm (GMT+8)



Pedagogical Means:

Teaching method alternating theory and practice through case studies or works directed.

Who should attend:

Technicians in the methods, control, quality and manufacturing departments, but also all those (project managers, sales engineers, buyers and who want to know about cleaning and cleanliness of parts.

Topics covered during the presentation:

Calculation of flexibility – Evaluation of a piping line that is subjected to static loads:

  • Creation of a piping line (Material library, unit systems, …)
  • Definition of supports and displacements
  • Static calculations according to calculation codes
  • Editing calculation notes


David BODE and Stefan MASALA


Course Name

Validate the design of a piping line, considering flexibility and seismic analysis with ROHR2

Course Date:

16th February 2021


3:00 pm (GMT+8)


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