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Unlocking Metal Additive Manufacturing for your application

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Detailed description:

Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a disruptive production technology with high positive impact on sustainability, supply chain management, product efficiency, circular economy and affordable healthcare just to name a few areas. To benefit from AM technology, companies must understand the capabilities and reality of the various AM processes so as to better leverage these solutions to their applications.

Organised by Cetim-Matcor, this AM Webinar aims to provide decision-makers and engineers with the necessary technical and economic background on the major metal AM processes (over 7), allowing them to make strategic and educated decisions on which technology is best suited for their business. Each process will be benchmarked against more conventional processes, resulting in key takeaways based on real end-use applications.

Program in detail:

  • Why choose AM?
  • Major AM processes & their applications
  • AM processes – Technical & economic reality
    • Powder-bed processes (PB)
      • Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)
      • Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion (EBPBF)
      • Metal Binder Jetting (MBJ)
    • Direct energy deposition processes (DED)
      • Wire Arc AM (WAAM)
      • Wire Laser AM (WLAM)
      • Wire Electron Beam AM (EBAM)
      • Powder Laser AM (DED-powder)
    • Others: Cold Spray (CS), Friction Stir AM (FSAM), Metal Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
  • Key Takeaway


27th April 2022


3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (UTC+8)

Topics covered during the presentation:

Features presented from case studies:

  • Simple milled part
  • Complex milled part
  • Turned part treated from a 2D plan
  • Turned and milled part processed from a CAD file
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Origin and reliability of the results obtained
  • Management of a TechniQuote implementation project
  • Justification of the investment – ROI
  • Questions answers  

The Speakers


Additive Manufacturing Project Engineer at Cetim-Matcor
With more than 7 years of experience, Aish is a R&D engineer in Cetim-Matcor, with a special focus on metal additive manufacturing. She leads R&D and collaborative efforts to capitalise on Cetim’s expertise and research in the domain to accelerate industrial adoption in the Asia Pacific region.

Professional Leadership

AMPP Global Research Programme Committee Member, 2022-2025

AMPP Global Technical Programme Committee Member, 2020-2021

Secretary in NACE (Now known as AMPP) Singapore Section, 2019-2020

Areas of Expertise

  • Corrosion in Metal additive manufacturing
  • Material Characterization in MAM
  • Decarbonisation in energy systems
  • Performance evaluation of fuels and lubricants with additives, (ISO 18436-4, ICML Machinery Lubricant Analyst Level II)
Guillaume MOHARA

Guillaume MOHARA

Additive Manufacturing Technical Project Manager at Cetim
Guillaume is an Additive Manufacturing technical project manager at Cetim with over 6 years of hands-on experience across the entire value chain. After graduating from Georgia Tech (USA) in 2016, he spent 5 years as an AM Process Engineer in the R&D of a large corporation in Japan, managing projects with international partners on material feedstock characterization, process optimization, post-processing, in-situ monitoring and standardization.
Today, Guillaume is responsible for multiple cross-functional projects on most major AM processes (EBM, LPBF, MBJ, wire-DED and hybrid processes), aiming to demonstrate industrial relevance and increase the maturity of these technologies.

Areas of Expertise

AM process expertise

  • 5+ hands-on experience in LPBF/EBM/MBJ, wire-DED coordinator.
  • Design, feedstock characterization, post-process & NDE management.

Strategic development

  • AM technology roadmap development & executive-level reporting.
  • Internal/external negociations for technology buy-in.

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Unlocking Metal Additive Manufacturing for your application

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27th April 2022


3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (UTC+8)


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