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New features in 2022

  • The gasket material Data Base incorporates the gasket data base available on the website.
  • Simplification implemented at the time of the integration of new gasket materials into the Data Base.
  • Simplification implemented for the selection of the gasket material, the thermal expansion coefficient and the tightness class to be complied with in the Data Base. All the other parameters are automatically determined by the software according to the specified conditions of use.
  • The software is now available in 2 languages: French and English.


Cap 1591 is based on European standard NF EN 1591. It determines the mechanical strength and the leak tightness level of gasketed bolted joints and ensures their reliability and safety.

This software is more specifically intended for industrial manufacturers working in the energy and chemistry sectors.

Main function

Type of analysis

Calculation of gasketed flanged joints in accordance with standard NF EN 1591.

Input parameters

Input of the geometric data (data base of European standard included in the software) and physical characteristics of the flanges, gaskets and bolts.

Calculation steps

Calculation of the scattering of tightening, the load rates of the gasket, the bolts and the flanges, and the angles of rotation of the flanges.

User interface

Quick and easy to use.

Interpretation of the results

Allowable tightening range for the bolts, load rates of the various components (graphs / tables).

Identification of the criticality of the joint

For each of the loading conditions, the following items of information are displayed:

  • The necessary tightening force (and torque) to comply with the required leak tightness criteria,
  • The loading of the flanges (and the collars, as applicable), the bolts and the gasket,
  • The rotation of the flanges,
  • The elongation of the bolts.

Viewing of the critical points of the joint.

Why choose Cetim Cap 1591?

  • It incorporates gasket and flange data bases.
  • It allows you to assess the impact of the tightening equipment used.
  • It allows you to reduce the assembly cost and to apply an optimum load to the gasket.
  • With just a few calculations, Cetim CAP 1591 checks that the emissions to the atmosphere are kept below the limit values.
  • It meets the environmental requirements of the European directive through the application of standard NF EN 1591.

Cetim Academy® training courses

  • Also available as virtual classes: W-L67 – Design of leak-tight flanged joints using the EN1591 method
  • L70 – Sealing of flanged joints

Cetim also offers leak-tightness verification services based on calculations performed in accordance with standard NF EN 1591

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