Cetim Software

With more than 50 years of expertise in the mechanical industry, CETIM has been developing software products dedicated to critical issues and challenges encountered in the various sectors.

The wide range of software products developed by CETIM aim to upgrade and provide continuous improvements in assets management from design, simulations, fabrication, manufacturing, installation, monitoring and extension of life.

All the software products are specified, developed and validated by the expert resources of the CETIM.
We are proud to present the following software products, where Matcor, a Cetim Company, is sole and exclusive distributor in Asia Pacific Region:

Cetim Cobra

Bolted Joint Design

Cetim Procor

Cathodic Protection Simulation

Cetim PV FEA

Pressure Vessel Dimensioning

Cetim TechniQuote

Cost and time estimation for manufacturing machining parts

Cetim Cut Optimizer

Optimization of cutting conditions

Total Gears Design Solution

Pipe Stress Analysis

We provide license, training and maintenance.
Expert consultancy services for all the related subject matter are also readily available within our team.

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