Cut Optimizer®

The world leading system to optimize your machining operation!

Detailed description:

Cut Optimizer® can be configured in a wire or wireless system and allows the mechanical machining operators to:

  • Collect data during machining
  • Measure sensors’ values during machining in order to optimize the cutting conditions and obtain the optimal working domain of the cutting tool
  • Compare tools, materials and lubricants using the comparison features embedded in the software solution
  • Capitalize the know-how in machining by the creation of a data base containing all the experiments and a summary of the application domain of the tool named the standardized “tool-material pairing” (TMP).

To achieve this, we measure physical values during the experiment such as cutting forces, spindle power and vibrations.

The solution is currently available as a bundle: Cut Optimizer® software, wireless module box and sensor equipped cutting tool.


Cut Optimizer® is used in all manufacturing industries to optimize cutting conditions. With Cut Optimizer you will be able to

  • use optimally your tools
  • compare tools, metal batches, lubricants
  • stabilize your production
  • make comparisons on a technical & economical point of view
  • increase your productivity and reduce your production costs
  • standardise your workshop practices and capitalize your know-how

WHY SELECT Cut Optimizer®

  • The simple implementation of the actual solution allows users to quickly evolve to fully digital recording and evaluation of their machining applications.
  • The use of a testing methodology allows users to follow an established protocol (ó having no more arbitrary decision/testing logic), and also to help them to improve their knowledge on the cutting of metals (very often, a training session is associated when the Cut Optimizer® hardware & software is sold and for interested users, a global approach on the cutting of metals is done).
  • Given the tool behaviour is characterized and based on numbers, it is easy to compare various competitors (tools comparison, material comparison, lubricant comparison) by analysing the obtained values.
  • The definition of the tool domain is a prerequisite for optimizing the cutting conditions and this also helps to stabilize the production (less scrap, less random tool breakages) and also to have repetitive tool life.
  • The time invested to obtain a tool-material pairing remains limited (less than 2 hours with an equipped machine-tool) and thus compensated by the non-productive time of the machine-tool used.
  • The solution is already commercialized in a wireless version. It uses an instrumented tool measuring forces and vibrations, linked to a controller which is able to store data and transmitting the raw values by connecting to a computer equipped with the dedicated software.
  • The proposed solution is scalable with a huge development potentially in areas such as data collection during production, process monitoring, machine-tool control, thus making it possible to fit most challenging goals; tool wear monitoring, surface quality monitoring.

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