Testimonial Sonceboz: Comprehensive support for validation plans

Sonceboz, a leading designer and manufacturer of mechatronic solutions, asked Cetim to carry out validation tests on an electrohydraulic pump designed to be fitted on trucks.

Sonceboz regularly calls on Cetim for the validation tests of its products. This time the company has taken things a step further for its EHPS (Electro Hydraulic Power Steering) pump. “This system combines mechanical engineering, hydraulic power and electricity and as such requires extensive testing facilities”, explained Vincent Jacques, head of tests and validation at Sonceboz. To meet the tight deadlines, the Swiss company decided to carry out a series of actions in-house and tasked Cetim with another set. “We needed a partner with in-depth knowledge of both the testing tools and the product itself”, disclosed Vincent Jacques.

Three identical test benches

 For three months, several teams at Cetim worked on the design, development and adjustment of three identical test benches. “Each test bench can simultaneously manage six EHPS pumps. In this way the real conditions experienced by the pumps during their lifecycle can be simulated on several specimens at the same time”, disclosed Nicolas Zann from Cetim. The tests lasted six months and related to areas such as service life, resistance to moisture, thermal shocks, corrosion (salt atmosphere) and dust. Therefore, Sonceboz was able to provide its end customer with the assurance that its pumps meet the requirements of specifications and can be industrially produced. “Cetim was very attentive to our needs throughout the testing period, despite the very tight schedule. Cetim gave its teams additional time to resolve unexpected situations thereby demonstrating its commitment to the project”, applauded Vincent Jacques.

An investment in the future

 Cetim’s investment together with the ramp-up of its teams’ skills on Sonceboz actuators have made it a valued partner. “With their thorough knowledge of our product, the teams can now work on their own without our input”, stated Vincent Jacques proudly. The two partners will take advantage of the close relationship they have established to work together on the next generation of actuators.

Cetim’s asset

Cetim draws on its keen understanding of the techniques used and its expert knowledge of testing equipment, potentially combined with its local presence, to manage validation tasks over all or part of the value chain.

About Sonceboz

The family-owned Swiss company is a specialist manufacturer of solutions for smart mechatronic systems.