Japan Hyogo University Webinar

Industry 4.0

To prepare their students for the world of tomorrow, the University of Hyogo Japan has chosen Cetim as Industry 4.0 partner to conduct a related seminar the 7th July 2021.

The industrial transformation will change the way of daily routine work and also the interactions between customers and suppliers. Industry 4.0 will also transform and thrive manufacturers in the digital world. Within this transformation, data and machine learning will play a key role in enhancing smart and autonomous systems, hence integration will be more productive, efficient and comprehensive.

Japan, who is known as a one of the global leaders in embracing new technologies, has already set a high sight to engage this exciting transformation.

Cetim, with its strong expertise in this field, will help academic partners to enhance the perception of the way Industry 4.0 is being deployed in real industrial environment and applications.

More than 70 professors and students have attended this seminar. Our expert, M. Vincent NOURRISSON, has presented the following main themes: What Industry 4.0 is

  • What is Industry 4.0?
  • Overview of its progress in the biggest industrial countries and differences between each program.
  • Focus on “Society 5.0”, the Japanese program.
  • Transformation areas versus the 4.0 drivers.
  • Human as a key factor to achieve transformation success.
  • The tools to support the industrial transformation.
  • An illustration of industrial transformation has been presented based on a success case with the French SME “SORI”, who was supported by Cetim towards its transformation project.

We would like to thank Professor Noriaki TOYODA and Professor Yutaka HATA from the University of Hyogo to organise this Webinar.

Also, our appreciation and thanks to KMTL company, trusted Cetim technical partner in Japan, for the support in this project.