Learning to combine fatigue analysis with finite element calculations

Learning to combine fatigue analysis with finite element calculations

A new training session has been added to the Cetim Academy catalogue, focusing on the techniques used to effectively model a part for the purposes of fatigue analysis and to optimise the stress calculation-life calculation sequence.

Designing finite element simulation models suitable for fatigue analysis and identifying the most appropriate approach to fatigue based on operating conditions and the results of finite element calculations is precisely the purpose of the new “Fatigue analysis based on finite element calculations” (M48) training session added to the Cetim Academy catalogue.

This 14-hour session module is mainly for engineers and technicians working in the design office, with a basic understanding of fatigue design, Resistance calculations for materials (RDM) and Finite elements (FE). It is available in virtual and face-to-face versions (in French and English) and covers good finite element practices for fatigue analysis, the analysis itself and the different potential approaches: in terms of stress, strain and for welded assemblies, to allow trainees to identify and implement the most suitable methods for the parts and structures they design.

Training session M48 is also one of the 55 new training sessions added to the Cetim Academy catalogue for 2021. This session completes Cetim Academy’s offering in this field, which now includes 16 modules ranging from an introduction to fatigue in materials to more in-depth courses on specific subjects, with both virtual and face-to-face versions available.

“Fatigue analysis based on finite element calculations” training session, information and dates of upcoming sessions :

  • in English : virtual session on 14th – 17th Sept. 2021
    14:00 – 17:00 (GMT+8) Singapore / 08:00 – 11:00 (GMT+2) Paris
  • in French : in Morocco/Casablaca next session on 8th – 9th Sept. 2021 – in France/Senlis next session on 12th – 13th Oct. 2021

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To find out more about Cetim Fatigue expertise and recent progress in this field, you can also contribute to the Fatigue Design 2021 conference, 17 & 18 November, opening up a hybrid F2F-virtual model.