The programme of the Cetim Academy International Web-discoveries for 2021 is now online!

On the agenda: 13 free webinars open to everyone, to discover or review the latest progress in the key technologies of the Industry 4.0.

Green and energy transition, manufacturing & monitoring, engineering, testing & simulation, characterisation & materials… in 2021, the 13 discovery webinars created by Cetim Academy will address subjects of concern for companies which intend to start their transformation towards the Industry 4.0.

These free webinars, organised by Cetim-Matcor, last for 1h30 and are open to everyone. They will allow users to discover or review the latest developments in specific technologies: additive manufacturing, robotics, composites, testing…, or the latest insights on today’s trends such as low-carbon industry, economic recovery, through-life support, etc.

Acculturation before in-depth training

Further to the success of the first edition of these online events, Cetim will offer 13 new sessions this year, all led by expert contributors. They will provide opportunities to discover the methods, tools and solutions tested by Cetim to meet the challenges of the Industry 4.0. Then, for more in-depth training, Cetim Academy offers various types of training courses available as classroom-based, online, inter or intra company sessions, or provided as part of specific projects or dedicated services.

To discover the full programme and register, click on the links below :

Your transformation 4.0 : a few key steps
6th May

New Trends in Plastics and Composites Recycling
18th May

Residual Life Assessment
31st May

Composites: Materials/Process and Defects Analysis 
3rd June

Leak Test Methods : Overview of the different tracer gas and pressure variation leak test measurement methods
15th June

AIM : Integrity of Ageing Equipment & Risk Management
17th June

Smart and Connected Machining
24th June

Metallic Materials: Defects Analysis 
8th July

Fluid-Structure Interaction & CFD
15th July

NDT Imaging of Components: What benefit for mechanical industry?
21st September

Metal Additive Manufacturing: New advances for real profitability
14th Octocber

Screwed Assemblies: Issues and new challenges
23rd November

Glass material : Failure analysis and product contamination 
7th December